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One Payment System for Everyone Receive payments as a freelancer or webmaster

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latest updates from Daily Real Online Earning From Day 1 from
Updates: Nov-18-2016 06:56:09 AM
Lets Start To Earn easy money!

Daily Real Online Earning From Day 1 from

Introduction :

My Paying Ads is a Revenue share and Advertising company where a member on Joining for free can Use traffic visitor of company to their website and make sales and opt in and at the same time he or she is eligible to make profit on revenue share that means he get 120% Return on ads packs he purchase for his website or blog.

My Paying ads founded 2 Years back and made great business in last 2 years more than 2 lakh people join this business and started making making money 3 ways from first hour of joining so that is what is reliable term is concern.

My Paying Ads get presence in more than 190 Countries and made business flourished in almost every country and it is growing continuously, Future with My Paying Ads is very lucrative and earning is growing daily. So coming time My Paying Ads has more business to come and more money can be made.

My paying ads give capping amount of $200 a day and minimum you can take out is $5.

3 Ways Profit :

We can earn in My paying ads in 3 ways and these are cool ways to leverage this business, First when we buy ads pack we make 120% share profit on our buy ads pack value and share get mature after 2 month, that means if i buy packs worth $1000 then i receive $1200 after 2 month, how cool is that.

2nd way of earning in My paying ads is getting sales with huge traffic in my paying ads as more than 2 lakh businessman are already working on it, you can daily sales on your websites what your promote.

3rd way of earning is 10% life time recurring commission you can receive with the opt in you get in My paying ads and it only company give to you. It has nothing to do with members no out of pocket money my friends.

Mpa For All:

My Paying ads Is for all that means people having almost no knowledge of internet marketing can also enjoy earning in mpa and make it earlier 2nd income and then make it full time income, people from all walk of life can enjoy earning here. Whether you are a work from home mom, a teacher, doctor, engineer, a offline businessman or Retired person looking to leverage more fund for future.

How much we can earn :

we can expect huge sum of earning with each ads packs builtup as we give training also to our members when you join our team we send you email and give you best support so that we can give you comfortable platform to earn more and more money for coming future. If we are consistent on effort then we can expect huge earning day by day and we can reach $200 a day soon and make living lavishing, and enjoy luxurious life with help of Mpa.

How to start business:

Once we are Signup here we can work on it with payment processor like payza, solid trust pay, perfect money and bitcoin, you will enjoy earning on it.

Signup here :

Once you are sign up! in My Paying ads then our first task is to set up banner and set your profile like payments processor your email id, your name and all. Choose payment processor you are comfortable with them so that buying and earning will be easy for you.

Even if i am not able to add friends due to facebook restriction on number of friends to add i can chat with you in facebook, facebook messages are always welcome and i am bound to support you and i am sure you will start earning from first hour of first buy ads packs.

For people from India if they face any issue regarding payments withdrawals from payza or bitcoin to convert in Indian rupee i will get them exchanger and you can have access to your money. For other countries also we can get you best help and you can enjoy earning here.
latest updates from EOL: BTC/USD LIVE STATUS...!!
Updates: Nov-18-2016 06:55:38 AM

EGOPAY ONLINE LIMITED (EOL) is dedicated to provide long term and safe financial solutions for investors around the world. Each investor, who joins EGOPAY ONLINE LIMITED (EOL) today, will earn stable and high profit. Just join, and you will be delighted.

We are very glad today. It our 15thday of Paying..!!

We are growing very fast and very nicely, I am very happy with the success of our company, Success belongs to our respected Investors..!!

We thank you all for believing in us. We wont let you down. We will be here for a long life Business Partnership.

We are going to BEST...


Thanks & Regards
latest updates from Adjust Plan I Rate!
Updates: Nov-18-2016 06:55:13 AM
Hello, is online for more than 36 days and we keep our work for making profits for all investors! Today we adjust our Plan I rate from 1.0-1.1% hourly for 120 hours to 0.9-1.0% hourly for 120 hours. Other plans is not effect and the working plan is not effect too!
We will open deposit bonus in Christmas month and hope all investors will keep loving us as always!
Support Of!
latest updates from Captcha solved!
Updates: Nov-18-2016 06:54:43 AM

Our captcha system (solvemedia) not work and you wasn't able to connect on your account, now the problem is corrected.

You can signin again and continue to make money online.

Regards, World Revshare Inc

You are recieveing this email because you are a member of World Revshare.
If you do not want to recieve emails from us anymore please log into your account to update your email preferences

World Revshare inc
latest updates from AN AWESOME NEWS!
Updates: Nov-14-2016 03:07:43 PM
Dear friends!

As you may notice, today all newspapers and mass media are trying to give us as much information as it is possible.
It seems that last month everyone been discussing such spicy topics as Clinton vs. Trump, Russia vs.
Everyone in the world and Crisis in Ukraine. Let us remind you that we are above politics and government issues.

On the other hand, we are also trying keeping up to date and are not against sharing our joy and happiness
with those who respect and trust us. In other words, we are more than happy to share information about our
mutual little «Victory».

Most likely for now you wish to ask us an old cartoon character’ question: «What’s up DOC?».

The answer is simple. Right now, the total amount invested in our project already reached 350 BTC.
This means that our mutual business has begun to bring in the profit.

Surely, some of you might say that we become richer because of deposits made. Actually, this is not true.
The reason we claim this is simple: we do know that there are no wild-goose chasers among all of you
to invest your money into this business.

It means that every one of you hundred times have thought of possible prospects and risks before entrusting us.
Moreover, if you a part of our team then you know that this business is profitable indeed.

From our point of view, we do feel about this the same and believe that together we’ll burn financial skies.
Finally, we’d like to congratulate all of you with these awesome news and wish you well.

Best regards,
Satoshi Cash LTD’ team
latest updates from OUR TODAY TRADE WORK STATUS
Updates: Nov-9-2016 02:47:31 PM
We introduce to you our latest trade work, so please see links below..

Its really glad to see we are growing fastly with the trust of our members......!!!
Due to our good intention behind our program. We intend to staying a very long term and also to enable us serving you all better..



So Be confident and support us..

Thank you so much for your trust at us., We will definately grow together !

Thanks & Regards
Updates: Nov-9-2016 02:46:02 PM
Dear colleagues, guests and all those investors who decided to entrust their financial destiny to Satoshi Cash LTD. Firstly, we’d like to thank you for this choice and hope you’ll never regret it.

And that’s where the good news STOP!!!

Sure, you’re expecting now to hear the bad part of what we’re about to say.

It’s no secret that all of you who registered here had thoroughly read all our terms and conditions. Obviously, after doing so you made you first deposit. The problem is some of you try to pretend not to hear that you’re a part of a team. This means that your deposit certainly plays an important role in this project helping us to increase our mutual profit. So, in our opinion that same fact that you made your deposit means that you see yourself as a part of our team and respect us.

Unfortunately, there are those who decided to use our company as an instrument of their own business. By this statement, we mean that those «not-so-wise» people play their own game making and withdrawing deposit almost daily without any consequences.

Let us remind you that such cases prevent us from making a full-fledged trading process on a cryptocurrency exchange market. This leads to making a lower profit for both you and the whole Satoshi Cash LTD’ team.

The solution is obvious – we need to change our terms and conditions a little and implement a commission for your withdrawals that is 0.00020000 BTC. Maybe this is the worst part for those who we’re speaking about. You must understand that each time you withdraw money we need to cover operational expenses of these transactions!!!

On the other hand, we care of those who respect us and already included the deposit in the percentage of payments. Moreover, from now on all our investment plans operate without a possibility to withdraw a deposit. Note that in this case your profit becomes much more stable providing you an opportunity to earn at least 776% each year.

In addition, we do hope that these changes will not affect your trust in Satoshi Cash LTD and will allow us to conduct very stable investment activities in future!

Sincerely yours,

Satoshi Cash LTD’ team
latest updates from 20% extra on any purchase of 2uhash
Updates: Nov-9-2016 02:43:29 PM
Dear user,

At the beginning of November, we use to communicate that in bits2u you can promote your web to only $ 1 per 500 clicks of 30 seconds. And you can pay with more than 9 payment methods.

And if you do not have money to advertise, no problem, since if your referral buys any amount of clicks, you receive 5% of that purchase on your balance !.

Finally mention that from 8 to 13 November there will be a unique promotion in bits2u, for any purchase in 2uhash will receive the additional 20% !!, an offer that will not be repeated.

Greetings and happy earnings
latest updates from 35 days online
Updates: Nov-9-2016 02:41:03 PM
Dear investors and members,
Today we have reached more than 250+ active members and deposits exceeding $9500+. In lieu of that we have decided to add an additional VIP PLAN which you can use to earn 150% in just 30 days. Deposit now and see for yourself!

latest updates from Referral Contest Standings
Updates: Nov-9-2016 02:40:01 PM
Early Results of the Referral Contest. So Far only 2 with qualified Referrals, lets pick it up people, want to see everyone involved. Put your banners up, post your payment proofs. Here are the leaders:

Euroamerica 2
LPGMoney 1

1st Prize $100
2nd Prize $75
3rd Prize $50
4th Prize $25

Must have 5 paid referrals to qualify for the cash
latest updates from CCA Daily Update
Updates: Nov-9-2016 02:39:28 PM
Hello Investors,

Bitcoin continues to rise growing our portfolio on a daily basis. What a great time to lock in those gains in an investment like CryptoCapitalAlliance. Good to see a lot of new faces in the referral contest. The technical team and myself will be working on a landing page for you to use in your promotion. Here are the prizes again for all the new people who have joined this month. Anyone can win the monthly referral contest and its good money in addition to the commission you will receive. Great way to make extra cash or add to your investment.

New Referral Contest for November (Only New Sign Ups in November, Paid Only, 5 Referral Qualifier)

1st $100
2nd $75
3rd $50
4th $25

Bonus prize- Any one who qualifies, with 5 Paid referrals, but does not Finish in Top 4 will receive $5 bonus.

Remember, we are probably the only investment program that invests in Zcash, every day more Zcash is added to our portfolio. What a value for our investors!

Mathias Kirkwood
latest updates from Another doubler just started!
Updates: Nov-9-2016 02:39:05 PM
Hello investors, here is the new doubler that started yesterday! More than 1000 investors in 12 hours, this should run well for some time if Admin will not be greedy to take everything and close! We hope decent run here, but still don't forget the risks! Here are the features:

Double your Bitcoins in 100 hours!
Fully automated investment platform!
Over 1000 investments in 12 hours!
New investment almost every minute!


// - Private Crowdfunding Platform since 2016
// Got questions? We will answer them all! / [email protected]
// Follow us on Facebook, Passive-Earner and
latest updates from EOL: OUR TRADE WORK STATUS..!!
Updates: Nov-9-2016 02:38:23 PM
We introduce to you our trade work, so please see links below..

Its really glad to see we are growing fastly with the trust of our members......!!!
Due to our good intention behind our program. We intend to staying a very long term and also to enable us serving you all better..



So Be confident and support us..

latest updates from New-200 After 1 day
Updates: Nov-9-2016 02:37:44 PM
New Program

200.% After 1 day

Referral Commission 20.%


Robnex is highly secured by anti ddos protection of Genius guard, that ensure that every data of the website will be secured at very high level at anytime at any place.

Robnex will be live and member can access their account anytime securely.From the very beginning we were devoted to our clients' success.

So even if all you have is an original idea of starting a business of your dreams,we know how to get it started.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate program works by simple principles and it's in 1 level. No need deposit to earn it. All you have to do is share our project idea with others.

Via sharing your affiliate link available in your personal account.

You received this email as a client or subscriber of Power Hyips
© Copyright, 2012-2016, Power Hyips

Our address: Nottingham United Kingdom. NG11 8FU
Power Hyips
latest updates from Daily Update
Updates: Nov-9-2016 02:37:06 PM
Hello Investors,

Zcash is on the rise. I believe this is the only online investment program where you can invest in Zcash without actually making a purchase on an exchange, which is extremely volatile. Make your deposits now because we will be investing heavily in this coin after the slow mining period is finished on December 1st. Because we had the foresight, every day Zcash flows into our portfolio. Nearly 60 days online, CryptoCapitalAlliance has proven that we care about your money, we are honest and trustworthy. Look at the price of Zcash on the link below.

Mathias Kirkwood
latest updates from We are switching servers
Updates: Nov-1-2016 09:02:50 AM
Hey guys,

we have to switch our hosting provider in the next couple hours, so don't panic if the site will be off for some minutes or hours.
We will be back shortly, trust me.

With the new server we will also get ddos-protection and a ssl script.

We are here to stay!

Admin of
latest updates from World Revshare news
Updates: Nov-1-2016 09:02:36 AM

We have already paid more than 120$ at this time and still growing.

Do not hesitate to purchase adpacks and promote our website everywhere, more adpacks sold = more investments = more profits for you paid every hour!

Don't forget too our withdraw policy, we take 72H average for paid your withdrawals (that can be extended if there is issues with our payment processor payza, like technical issues, etc.)

Don't forget too all our others free earning possibilities like offerwalls and PTC wall, 0.01$ per referral,....

Have a nice day

Regards, World Revshare Inc

You are recieveing this email because you are a member of World Revshare.
If you do not want to recieve emails from us anymore please log into your account to update your email preferences

World Revshare inc
latest updates from Daily Update
Updates: Nov-1-2016 09:02:16 AM
Hello Investors,

Today we locked in 8% trade gain. This along with our mining operations and the appreciation of our Bitcoin holdings make this a very profitable week for Crypto Capital Alliance. Total appreciation this week is over 20%. This includes locking in Bitcoin games into USD processors that we use to pay you. Our business plan is working flawlessly at this point and all of you are enjoy the benefits with your daily profits. This is our routine and it works because of your investments in our company. The bigger our portfolio grows, the bigger the profits. We continue to work day in and day out for you. 2 days until Zcash launch then we will start to accumulate the coin that will hopefully be the next big thing.

Mathias Kirkwood
latest updates from PayerCoin Special Plan
Updates: Nov-1-2016 09:01:56 AM
Hello All Member,

Today We launch new plan : Special Plan : 15000% After 15 Days + Principal Back (only 50 unit for sell. Available : 42 Unit, Sold 8 Unit) (All Payment Guaranteed).

Join Now :

Best regards

latest updates from Bitcoin Withdrawals
Updates: Nov-1-2016 09:01:37 AM
Hello Investors,

We have been encountering very slow Blockchain which you can verify on You can expect delays of 8-24 hours. We have sent the transactions and they are pending. It is out of our control. Hopefully the blockchain speed will increase soon. You can see there is high volume of BTC transactions and the price is climbing rapidly. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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